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Dania Beach

Five Things You Need to Do After a Personal Injury In Dania Beach

If you have suffered an automobile accident, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical injury, construction accident, or other personal injury in Dania Beach, you need a skilled Dania Beach personal injury lawyer on your side. Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, protect you from sleazy insurance tactics, and help you take practical steps to preserve the value of your claim. If you’ve been injured in Dania Beach, follow these five simple steps to reduce your exposure and maximize the value of your claim.

Report Your Injuries

The sooner you report your injuries, the better. An early report preserves memories, and documents that your injuries did indeed occur—particularly if the party to whom you report the injuries is a relatively neutral observer, such as the police. If you are injured in a car accident, call the police immediately. If you suffer another type of injury, call an ambulance, even if you’re not sure you need one. Request also a copy of any incident reports that were made at the time of the injury, and provide copies of each of these to your lawyer.

Seek Medical Care

You cannot diagnose yourself. Even if you feel fine, or think you’re recovering ok, you may have serious injuries that you do not immediately recognize. If you don’t promptly seek help, this decision can later haunt you, since the decision to forgo medical care can serve as evidence that you are not as injured as you claim to be. If your injuries are not an emergency, you do not have to go to the hospital, but go immediately to the doctor. Report all symptoms you have, even if they seem trivial.

Contact a Lawyer

After you’ve stabilized and addressed any immediate medical needs you have, your next phone call should be to a lawyer. It is never to early to seek legal advice for a Dania Beach personal injury. Your lawyer can walk you through the process from start to finish, diligently helping you navigate the strange and unfamiliar world of personal injury law. After all, the choices you make early on—including what you say to the insurance adjuster, whether you follow medical advice, and which evidence you preserve—can have far-reaching implications for your case. By hiring a lawyer now, you invest in your case’s future—not to mention your own future.

Document Everything

In the world of personal injury law, there is no such thing as too much documentation. Personal injury cases are won or lost on the basis of compelling evidence, so the more evidence you have supporting your claims—both the severity of your injuries and the fact that the other party is responsible—the stronger your case will be. Take photos or videos at the scene of the accident. Get witness contact information. Communicate about your injuries only in writing. And hang on to each and every medical bill you have. Your lawyer can advise you about any other steps you should take to protect your claim.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

Sure, it’s tempting to post on Facebook about the cruel way you were treated after your slip and fall, or the horrible driving of the driver who injured you. But talking publicly about your case can backfire. Anything you say may be discovered by the other side, and used against you in ways you never anticipated. Be equally careful about what you say to the other side—and that includes both the responsible party and the insurance adjuster. No mater how sympathetic they seem, their goal is to minimize the value of your claim. Tell them to talk to your lawyer, and don’t provide any direct information.

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