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Palm Beach

Personal Injury Cases in Palm Beach: What You Need to Know

Palm Beach is home to some of the most gorgeous scenery in the nation, but with lush landscapes and endless months outdoors also come myriad risks. From construction accidents at Palm Beach’s many resorts to auto accidents and boating and other accidents at sea, personal injuries are tragically common. If you have been injured in a personal injury—such as an auto accident, medical malpractice incident, construction accident, slip and fall, accident at a business, or boating accident—you need a skilled Palm Beach personal injury attorney on your side. Here’s what you need to know about litigating your Palm Beach personal injury case.

Palm Beach Personal Injury: Do I Have a Case?

To have a viable personal injury claim, you must prove that you were injured by another party’s negligence or malice. Some examples of personal injuries include:

To maximize your chances of winning, you will need medical records, as well as proof that the injury did not occur before the accident, and that you did not contribute to the injury.

Palm Beach Personal Injury: How Much Can I Win?

The amount you can win in your Palm Beach personal injury suit is largely dependent on the amount of damages you have incurred. Damages is the legal term for financial losses due to a personal injury. Some examples of damages you may be able to recover include:

Palm Beach Personal Injury: How to Choose a Lawyer

Not all personal injury lawyers are equally competent. Anyone who graduates law school can cal themselves a personal injury lawyer, so it’s important to investigate your lawyer’s experience and skill. Choose someone who has ample experience litigating cases like yours, and interview him or her before making a final decision. Some questions to ask include:

Palm Beach Personal Injury: Settlement or Trial?

Most personal injury cases settle. A settlement occurs when you and the other side agree at a figure to resolve your claim. Settlements help you get paid faster, and help the other side avoid the risk and uncertainly of going to trial. Some factors that increase the odds of a favorable settlement include:

Before agreeing to any settlement, ask your lawyer what he or she thinks. And never accept the first settlement the insurance company offers you without consulting a lawyer. Very often, insurers try to make claims go away by offering low claims to people who do not have an astute understanding of the law. A consultation costs you nothing, but can greatly increase your odds of recovering what your case is actually worth, so seek legal counsel today!

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