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Car Accidents

Car Accident Driving is something most of us take for granted. It's also one of the most dangerous things we do. Most people are in a car accident at some point, and while these accidents are typically minor, they can still be deeply traumatic. Whether the injuries you've sustained in your car accident are minor, life-threatening, or somewhere in between, you need a skilled car accident lawyer who can zealously represent your interests.

Who Pays When You’re in a Car Accident?

The party responsible for the car accident is also the party responsible for paying any damages you sustain in the accident. Because car insurance is mandatory, this means that the insurer—not the individual with whom you got into the accident—will be paying your claim. In most cases, this means that whoever got the ticket will be responsible for paying the other party’s damages.

Of course, some situations make getting a claim paid more difficult. Those include:

How Much is a Car Accident Case Worth?

A car accident case is not a get rich quick scheme. Instead, the entire purpose of filing an accident case is to compensate you for your injuries. Thus the value of your case is largely dependent on how severe your injuries are. The factors that can drive up the value of your case include:

Why the Insurance Company Will Not Protect Your Best Interests

The insurance company managing your case will likely offer you a relatively low settlement to begin with. Don’t be fooled by the temptation of quick cash and a friendly insurer. Insurance companies are in the business of undervaluing claims, since doing so is the best way to maximize their profits. Even if you think the settlement offered in your case is fair, spend some time contemplating what you’ve actually lost. If the settlement does not cover it all, it’s neither fair nor reasonable.

Before agreeing to any settlement offered by an insurance agent, talk to a personal injury lawyer. You might be surprised to learn how much you are actually entitled to.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Everyone knows lawyers are expensive. As it turns out, what everyone knows to be true might not be true at all! Personal injury lawyers typically work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid when yo do. It costs you nothing to schedule a consultation with a lawyer, and doing so can greatly drive up the total amount you are eventually awarded. Hiring a lawyer tells the insurance company you’re serious, and that can encourage them to increase the value of the settlement offered—particularly if your lawyer is respected as a competent litigator.

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