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Cruise Ship Accidents

A cruise can be a relaxing family vacation—that is, until something goes wrong. Cruise ships are giant, moving machines upon which much can go wrong. And because you're in an enclosed space, it's possible for diseases to quickly spread. If you experience an accident or injury while on a cruise ship, contact the Law offices of Ilya Torchinsky. Our skilled team can help you litigate your claim to maximize your winnings.

Cruise Ship Accidents: Who is Liable?

Cruise ships are complex operations. There is the owner of the cruise company itself, as well as many employees, independent contractors, subcontractors, and other independent entities. For this reason, assessing liability in a cruise ship accident is no easy feat. For example, if equipment on a cruise ship malfunctions, causing an accident, a number of parties might be liable. The equipment manufacturer is implicated, but if someone who worked for the cruise company was supposed to keep the item in repair, he or she might also be fully or partially liable.

Your legal counsel may need to comb through contracts and case law to assess who is liable. In many cases, multiple parties may be responsible, resulting in complex litigation that can take months or even years to resolve.

Common Injuries on Cruise Ships

Cruise ship injuries can range from relatively minor to fatal or permanently life-altering. Some examples of cruise ship injuries include:

Proving Liability in a Cruise Ship Accident

When you are injured in a cruise ship accident, it is not enough to prove that you were injured. Instead you must also prove that some entity associated with the cruise operator was responsible for your injuries. You must also prove that you sustained actual injuries. Simply being in a cruise accident, being almost injured, or negligence on the part of the cruise operator is not enough. Proving both can be harder than you might think, you you’ll need ample evidence both that you were injured, and that you are suing the party who is responsible for your injuries.

What Can I Recover From My Cruise Ship Accident?

The purpose of a lawsuit is to help you recover what you have lost in your cruise ship accident—not to make you rich. This means that, the more serious your injuries are, the more you will likely be able to recover. The actual amount of your recovery is heavily dependent on whether you settle or go to trial. If yo settle, you’ll have to negotiate a fair payout with the other side. If you go to trial, you must prove your damages to a jury, and it will then be up to the jury to assess what they think is fair in your case. The may award you:

Why You Need an Attorney in a Cruise Ship Accident

It’s tempting to go it alone in a cruise ship accident case, particularly if your damages are minimal or you’ve already been offered a reasonable settlement by the cruise company’s insurer. But when you go it alone, you make yourself vulnerable. You might be manipulated by the insurer, or not pursue everything to which you are entitled. Worse still, even a single missed filing deadline could cost you your case. There’s a reason law school takes so many years to complete; the law is a complex animal, and the odds that you can competently litigate your case on your own are vanishingly slim. You may also find that the other side simply takes you less seriously without an attorney in your corner.

Most cruise ship accident cases are contingency cases, which means that you do not have to pay your attorney unless you recover money in a trial or settlement. Given that there are no upfront expenses to you, there is absolutely no reason to go it alone. Contact the Law Office of Ilya Torchinky today for an assessment of your case’s value.

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