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Long-Term Disability

Most employees are covered under short-term disability insurance that pays a portion of their salaries for injuries, surgeries, and other short-term issues that eliminate the ability to work. Occasionally, a catastrophic injury or serious illness leads to a long-term disability. We litigate claims against employers that offer long-term disability insurance, as well as claims on behalf of people who are self-insured through long-term disability policies.

What Are the Most Common Causes of Long-Term Disability?

When people contemplate long-term disabilities, many envision catastrophic accidents and illnesses. The most common causes of long-term disability might surprise you. In 2014, the leading causes of chronic disability were:

Thus most causes of long-term disability are fairly mundane, involving medical conditions with which many people struggle.

What if My Claim is Denied or Underpaid?

No matter how nice the insurance adjuster seems or how committed your employer says it is to paying your long-term disability claim, both parties have a vested interest in saving money. And that means they also have a strong incentive to deny or undervalue your claim.

Before you accept any long-term disability payout,you need to carefully review the package and talk to a lawyer. Consider whether the payout really will pay your expenses. Some factors to consider:

Why Should I Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer?

Particularly when you’re offered a large check, it’s tempting to take whatever you’re offered and just move on. This temptation is especially strong if your employer or insurer insults you, says your claim isn’t as valuable as you think it is, or implies that they will investigate or embarrass you if you continue pursuing the claim.

Don’t allow yourself to be cowed by these tactics. These are methods for getting you to accept less than you deserve, plain and simple. A skilled disability lawyer is the best source of information on the value of your claim. Better still, most won’t charge you until you get paid, so cost should not be a consideration.

In some cases, you might even have an additional lawsuit, such as as personal injury or medical malpractice claim. It’s better to learn this early, so you can appropriately litigate the claim, rather than waiting only to find that the statute of limitations has expired.

You stand to gain thousands, and possibly more, by simply making the call to hire a lawyer who understands the law and your case. There’s nothing to lose by calling us today!

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