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Slip and Fall Accident

A slip and fall is a sudden and potentially catastrophic accident that can leave you in pain for days, weeks, months, and even years. What you might not realize is that the location at which you were injured may be liable for your injuries. A skilled personal injury lawyer can evaluate your claim, stop the insurance company from pushing your around, negotiate a fair settlement, and take your case to trial if necessary.

What is a Slip and Fall Accident?

A slip and fall, as the name implies, occurs when you suddenly fall. You might slip on an invisible puddle, on debris in a supermarket aisle, or even on newly waxed linoleum. A slip and fall can be relatively minor, resulting in temporary muscle pain and strains. It can also be catastrophic. Some of the more serious injuries associated with a slip and fall include:

Do I Have a Case?

To win a slip and fall case, you must prove two things:

  1. That you were injured, and those injuries produced damages. If you fall but don’t hurt yourself, or your injuries aren’t serious enough to warrant a trip to the doctor, you likely do not have a case. You will need to document all costs associated with your injuries.
  2. That the party whom you are suing is responsible for your injuries. Individuals are rarely able to shell out to cover significant injuries, so most slip and fall victims end up suing businesses that have insurance policies. You must show that the business behaved negligently, such as by creating a hazard, failing to appropriately warn of a hazard, or deliberately injuring you (such as occurs when an employee attacks a customer).

How Much is My Slip and Fall Case Worth?

Slip and fall cases have no set values. Instead, what matters is the extent and severity of your injuries. In most cases, the more severe your injuries are, the more you will be able to recover. It’s important to note, however, that most slip and fall cases settle. Presenting a compelling case, making it clear that you will be a sympathetic plaintiff, and hiring a lawyer with a good reputation can all improve your odds of a favorable settlement.

After all, insurers are not interested in paying money they don’t have to pay, so the insurer must believe you have a reasonable chance of getting more at trial than you could out of a settlement. Some damages you may be awarded include:

Why Should I Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

It’s tempting to file your claim alone, particularly if you were not severely injured. But personal injury law is a confusing morass of information. A single missed deadline can lose your claim, and even get you into trouble with the court. Moreover, the other side is unlikely to take you seriously if you represent yourself, and may even take advantage of your legal inexperience.

An attorney protects your rights, increases your odds of a favorable settlement, and can even save you money. Many slip and fall clients worry that hiring a lawyer will be too expensive. But if your case is winnable, most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. That means you don’t get paid unless you win. There’s no reason to represent yourself, and certainly no reason to risk your case to inexperienced hands.

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