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Wrongful Death

Any death is tragic, particularly when it comes on suddenly and does not allow you time to say goodbye to your loved one. But when someone else is negligently responsible for your loved one's death, the rage and frustration you feel can be overwhelming. A wrongful death occurs when a person or entity acts in a negligent or reckless fashion, causing the death of someone else. It doesn't have to be deliberate. Simply behaving outside the norms of accepted behavior is enough to give rise to a wrongful death lawsuit.

No amount of money can bring back your loved one, of course. A wrongful death suit can help replace lost income, cover burial expenses, repay any medical debts you owe, and give you a chance to take some time off of work to grieve. When you’ve suffered a tragedy, let us help you seek compensation for your suffering.

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit is a suit against the person, persons, or entity liable for your loved one’s death. You don’t have to sue just one person or business. For example, if a boating accident caused your loved one’s death,  but a faulty life jacket is partially to blame, you can sue the life jacket manufacturer, the person who caused the accident, and possibly even the person or entity who owns the property where the accident occurred.

Though all deaths feel like injustices, not all deaths are considered wrongful deaths. To qualify for a lawsuit:

Who Gets Sued?

Choosing the right party or parties to sue isn’t always easy. Multiple people or entities may be liable for the death of your loved one, and whom you sue matters. Individuals rarely have the funds to compensate another person for a catastrophic wrongful death. Consequently, attorneys often look for entities that have plenty of cash and/or an insurance plan. For example, if your loved one was injured at a water park, it might make the most sense to sue the water park itself rather than the individual responsible, since the individual may not have adequate funds to cover the injury.

How Much Can I Win?

There are no guarantees when it comes to wrongful death suits, and many suits settle well before they make it to trial. If you reject a settlement, you might get nothing at trial, particularly if the jury does not see the facts the way you do. This is why it’s so important to select an attorney you trust, and to then listen to your lawyer. Compensation to which you might be entitled include:

Factors That Affect Outcomes in Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Your case is more likely to settle if you have a legally sound case and the other party has the funds to pay the amount you are asking. If protracted litigation would harm the other party’s reputation, this can further increase the odds of a settlement.

If your case goes to trial, much will depend on your lawyer’s ability to get the jury to see things your way. This is why it’s wise to hire an experienced trial lawyer who has litigated many cases similar to yours. Some factors the jury may consider:

Personal biases, previous experiences, and other factors are not technically supposed to enter into the decision. But we’re all human, so these factors inevitably play a small part. A good lawyer knows how to pick a jury that will be sympathetic to your case, so don’t even think about going it alone. Call us so we can get to work on your case today!

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